About This Girl

Since my childhood I have been a very sensitive girl. I could get overwhelmed by all kinds of things, noises, people and even atmospheres. Often, I was anxious. Most people around me didn’t have those issues. I started to feel like I was different and often felt lonely and estranged. It was like living in a world full of squares where I was the only circle. The first thirty years of my life I tried hard to square into society and to suppress my sensitivity. At thirty I decided this wasn’t the way I wanted to live my life.


I created a bubble around me of love and positive vibes. For me it feels like everything is connected. If you put a lot of love and effort into something, it is like the whole universe is working with you to achieve your goals. The universe sends the good things you carry out back to you in the form of opportunities and love. I often look up at the sky and the stars and all the beauty nature gives us and hope for good things to come.


Nowadays I learned to accept my sensitivity which resulted in a different perception and a certain kind of creativity. I would like to make the world a better place by sending out my love and positive vibes into the form of art. With my pop (he)ART sculptures and abstract paintings I want to transfer this mindset to other people and bring love into their lives.


I find inspiration in nature, art, fashion, people and music. LOVE is the main theme and I like to use resin and other materials, techniques and color combinations to evoke emotions with others. I would like to encourage people to live and decide with their heart.

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